1. gengarina:

    i should not be allowed on star trek online


  2. shingeki-no-fair:

    when you almost drop something on the ground but you catch it in time


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  7. jaxblade:

    WHAT THE HELL IS THIS FROM!! I never found out

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  8. ancientstars:

    know how I know Auruo loved Petra?

    Because he had the exact same look on his face when Petra died



    that Mikasa did when Eren was eaten.



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  10. Viva Namida, it’s okay for them to overflow, baby!

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  12. Happened to me yesterday.

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  13. gengarina:

    the true sign that there is a lazy ass within your household

  14. Lady of the lake
    Noble Arms - Excaliburn
    Sacred Knight King Artorigus


    I’m Really Glad that the Lady of the lake and Excaliburn are finally out too
    But I’m even more glad about the Final Form of king Artorigus

    Now if only we could get a card based on Merlin…

  15. frengoxxx:

    noble knight!!!